The Abduction Lamp

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The Abduction Lamp

I am happy to announce a project that I have been working on for a while now.

The Abduction Lamp is not meant to be a toy. It is supposed to be made in high quality from metal and glass. It is my hope that someone with a playful mind like yourself would want to have a lamp like this in their home.

The Abduction Lamp

How does it work?

A light source inside the UFO body lights up the windows and the cone shaped glass beam. The beam glass is frosted to diffuse the light enough to spread it in all directions.

A true UFO Lamp

I got the idea for the abduction lamp as I was driving past a lamp store one late evening and saw how the light fell from one of the lamps in the window. The idea stuck in my head, and I returned the day after and saw that it was a quite common lamp.

I have spent a while building and rendering it in Maya, and I will return with some of my experiences with the visualisation process in a future post.

A new theory on abduction

Visit for more images. You will also find my new theory on why aliens are busy abducting cows and people..


The Alien Abduction Lamp is moving from concept to prototype.


  1. J. Behm
    July 22 2008

    I’d buy one right now if it was available. Damn. Please drop me a line when it’s in production. If I can get it up to Canada. Brilliant. Thanks

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  3. Foundling
    July 30 2008

    I’d like to buy it. E-mail me please when it is possible.

  4. fred
    August 17 2008

    i am french very good la lampe à commercialisé , bravo .
    ca c’est un produit qui marcherait du tonnerre .

  5. chelsea1886
    November 4 2008

    I’ve just read that this marvellous lamp is going to production.So, when and where can I get one?? I’d really love to have it!! Please drop me a line if you have further information.

  6. Rogerio
    November 5 2008

    Maravilhoso, excelente trabalho, fiquei com muita vontade de comprar um para sala e outro para o quarto.
    Parabéns ao artista

    Rogerio Europa

  7. Ana
    November 22 2008

    onde será que vendem isso?!!!!!!!! amei de paixão!!!

  8. Louis Tiffany
    November 24 2008

    I’m lamp mad, and I love this lamp looks brilliant great work!!! have you produced / got anybody to stock this lamp?

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  10. Marsha
    January 3 2009

    Please let me know when & if this comes available for purchase!!! I absolutely love it,it’s great! Thanks!

  11. Oliver Christianson
    January 8 2009

    My wife says she has to have one of these. Please, let me know when they become available.

  12. giuseppe ruffo
    January 14 2009

    wonderful!!, when is ready to buy, please alert me, i wont buy. thanks.

  13. Wayne
    February 6 2009

    Dear Lasse, I hope the Abduction Lamp comes to market soon! I have been showing it to anyone and everyone for all these long months. Now, I have heard a couple of those people who are impatient for them saying that they will just go ahead and make their own and maybe even sell them… under an alternate name, of course. If I’m hearing such talk, there are surely others thinking the same thing!

    You wrote last summer, “I am sure it will be some time this autumn!” I hope nothing negative has happened for you that autumn has turned into late winter!

  14. Lasse
    February 6 2009

    Many thanks to you all for your very kind and encouraging comments!

    Please know that we are working hard these days to finalise the lamp. I have the second prototype standing next to me on my desk as I write this, and I think it looks fantastic. It has a metal UFO body with a finish that I am sure you will all like as much as I do!

    Wayne: I am happy to hear that you and your friends like the lamp so much, and that you are impatient to get it.

    You should warn your friends who plan to steal this intellectual property that the design has been formally registered and patented, and that we will pursue any infringements.

    I am sorry for causing false hopes by saying that it would be available last autumn, but I hope it is good news to you that the prototype is very close to the final thing. Please hang in there a little longer. As you can see from the above, it will not be long now.

  15. john
    February 11 2009

    Loving The abduction lamp, please tell me when it will be available, thanks

  16. Michael C. Luckman
    March 9 2009

    Hello: I’m a New York based public relations consultant who loves your alien abduction lamp and would like to help you promote it worldwide. Please click on Google, keywords, Michael Luckman and Alien Rock to see some of the thousands of stories that I’ve generated for the UFO movement. I’m Director of the New York
    Center for Extraterrestrial Research and know many abductees and contactess in the New York metropolitan area. I look foward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Best wishes, Michael C. Luckman, (212) 995-0384, e-mail:
    MCL Commumicatios, 134 West Houston Street, Suite One, New York, N.Y. 10012.

  17. tyson
    May 29 2009

    How much longer do we have to wait?

  18. Jesea Todahl
    August 25 2009

    I Just LOVE the lamp, I read ALL the postings, and as I was going to make a comment, I found one simular to what I would also suggest….
    Please think of making different colours onder the ship, different light sources/colours, and one other idea… Put different objects under the light.. People, car, different scenery, mabey it could come with 2 or 3 types to get differeent “vibes” light situations from the adorable alien lamp!!!
    SOOO cute!!!
    I , being a single mom want one REALLY bad, I am hopeing its NOT MORE Than 100 bucks!?!?!PLEASE?!?!?!?
    Lovin it!!! Let me know where I can get one, PLEASE!!!!
    Jesea from Oregon….

  19. Jesea Todahl
    August 25 2009

    Please think of making different colours under the ship, different light sources/colours, and one other idea… Put different objects under the light.. People, car, different scenery, mabey it could come with 2 or 3 types to get differeent “vibes” light situations from the adorable alien lamp!!!
    SOOO cute!!!
    I , being a single mom want one REALLY bad, I am hopeing its NOT MORE Than 100 bucks!?!?!PLEASE?!?!?!?
    Lovin it!!! Let me know where I can get one, PLEASE!!!!
    Jesea from Oregon….

  20. Mike
    October 15 2009

    Very cool lamp, a must have for any UFO enthusiast, can’t wait for mine to show up.
    It would make for an awesome gift too, and would be welcomed by anyone that is into the subject.
    Nice job on the website too, very retro 50’s scifi looking, hats off to the web designer(s)!

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    […] und stellt dabei eine typische Alien-Entführungsszene am Beispiel einer Kuh nach. vom Prototypen bis zur Massenfertigung hat es übrigens zwei Jahre gedauert, aber Alien-Fanatiker müssen […]

  23. claire
    November 3 2009

    Just LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!! Must have one (altho don’t know where I would put it just now), but hey, will find a way!

  24. Lasse
    November 4 2009

    Thanks! You can order the lamp at

  25. pili_settembre24
    December 19 2009

    Enhorabuena por cumplir tu proyecto, lasse!!! complimenti!! congratulations!!
    Es genial saber que esta simpatiquísima lámpara por fin sale al mercado. besos. pili._:)!

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  27. phil velikan
    March 18 2010

    I got my alien abduction lamp today!
    It is so much more awesome than I deserve. BUT, it has a U.K. plug on it. I can’t plug it in! Is there an adaptor I can use or can I put as U.S. plug on it safely?

  28. Lasse
    March 18 2010

    You will need a regular travel adapter to convert the currency as well as providing the US plug. I guess you’ll be able to find one at RadioShack or a travel store.

  29. James
    March 26 2010

    Is there an update to the U.S. approval? I ordered one of the limited 2000, will I still get my limited lamp #51? I tried going through the lamps website but it won’t take messages for me.

  30. Christian
    May 10 2010

    Hi there! I just recieved my lamp today. How do I turn it on? The switch at the top seems stuck?

    Regards Christian

  31. James
    June 4 2010

    Hi. I’m still waiting on the lamp. I received an email on April 26, 2010 that the lamp should be ready in 3 weeks. It’s not 5 weeks. Is there an update? Do I still get the limited #51 lamp?

  32. James
    August 10 2010

    Still waiting for my lamp. The last email from Tiger said it would be shipping in 2 weeks. It’s been 4 weeks. The email before that said it would be ready in 3 weeks. I waited 8 weeks for a follow up email.

  33. Pelle
    August 11 2011

    Got my lamp today
    cool n nice
    i get a otherspace feeling
    nicest lamp in space
    thanks Lasse Klein

    Regards Pelle