The Abduction Lamp

The Abduction Lamp

I am happy to announce a project that I have been working on for a while now.

The Abduction Lamp is not meant to be a toy. It is supposed to be made in high quality from metal and glass. It is my hope that someone with a playful mind like yourself would want to have a lamp like this in their home.

The Abduction Lamp

How does it work?

A light source inside the UFO body lights up the windows and the cone shaped glass beam. The beam glass is frosted to diffuse the light enough to spread it in all directions.

A true UFO Lamp

I got the idea for the abduction lamp as I was driving past a lamp store one late evening and saw how the light fell from one of the lamps in the window. The idea stuck in my head, and I returned the day after and saw that it was a quite common lamp.

I have spent a while building and rendering it in Maya, and I will return with some of my experiences with the visualisation process in a future post.

A new theory on abduction

Visit for more images. You will also find my new theory on why aliens are busy abducting cows and people..


The Alien Abduction Lamp is moving from concept to prototype.

183 Responses to “The Abduction Lamp”

  1. kaos Says:

    Very nice. These should really be in production already!

  2. guzman Says:

    cojonuda!!! se puede comprar?

  3. sean tracey Says:

    Are they for sale ?

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  5. Clint Bradford Says:

    Please let me know when they are available!

  6. Close Encounter on Your Desk : Alien Abduction Lamp Says:

    [...] Alien Abduction Lamp is currently only available as a concept by Lasse Klein, but I don’t see how it could possibly fail to be produced for purchase. And if we never hear [...]

  7. Jeff Says:

    I’ve gotta have this lamp!! Please put me on an e-mail list to notify me when it’s available! Thanks!!

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    [...] Alien abduction lamp by Lasse Klein is the sweetest lamp I have ever come across on the internet. You gotta love this guy’s [...]

  9. Dan Says:

    I will buy this! Please let me know when it’s available!

  10. Tim Says:

    YES – the designer is a winner. I’d like one.

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    [...] just what the heck those aliens are thinking, abducting cows and stuff, the lamp’s designer Lasse Klein explains it all: “We know that martians abduct hundreds of cows each year. We also know that [...]

  12. Rob Says:

    High number sales I predict in the future. Let me know when I can buy a few.

  13. greg Says:

    i love the concept, especially the green grass and the hovering cow. not too keen on the little alien’s posed in the windows though… spoils a lot of the mysteriousness… maybe if the windows were just blacked out… in fact if the whole UFO was gloss black that would be super. at any rate, it’s a fantastic idea and i may be interested in purchasing one.

  14. greg Says:

    let me back up just a bit and restate that lighted, opaque windows (not blacked out) would look fantastic without the aliens, and especially if the space craft was a shiny black metal…

    and please let me know when this item is available for purchase. thanks!

  15. greg Says:

    hi again. sorry… i just showed this to my wife and she loves it too. however after viewing one of the low-angle pictures she thinks (and i agree) that the bottom needs a ring of small, pencil-sized holes out close to the edge. if this thing has already gone to press, so to speak, i’m sure i can make these modifications myself in the workshop, but i just wanted to throw these suggestions out there for you to consider. thanks again.

  16. melissa Says:

    sweet. this is the best lamp ever!

  17. abduzeedo Says:

    Awesome, finally I found the perfect lamp for me….

    Please let me know when it will be available.

  18. admin Says:

    Hi everyone!

    Thanks for your great feedback and your constructive comments. I have received hundreds of emails from the website so far, and most of these have been very positive.

    I am sorry to say that I do not currently have any contacts that are able to get The Abduction Lamp into productions. So any tips on who to contact and how to go about this will be greatly appreciated!

    And greg, thanks for your suggestions, but I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “pencil-sized holes out close to the edge”. I have been adviced to introduce some holes in the base of the UFO for ventilation by an industrial design friend of mine, which I think might be a good idea, but I didn’t think it was necessary to include it in the illustration.

    And: The aliens are meant to be removeable.


  19. greg Says:

    about the pencil-sized holes: from a low angle the spaceship looks very dark, and a single ring (or several rows) of smallish holes going around the perimeter with light spilling out would look pretty cool; you’d see it especially as pins of light on the desk around the cone/beam; it would help the piece give off an extra-special effect, like more lights shining down. take a look at the poster for Close Encounters of the Third Kind to get a better idea. also, like your friend suggested, it would be extremely practical for necessary ventilation. of course you wouldn’t cover them with a lens like the windows above but would let them be open.

  20. Fix Says:

    Just love it, and very nice work in Maya too!

    Include me to the long list of potential buyers…

  21. Wind Energy Says:

    Yes, please put me on the “must have” list.

    The aliens have also abducted a 13 mm socket, a small blue swiss army knife, one dark gray sock, and one of the rubber feet from my computer stand. The bastids!

  22. zerovoltage Says:

    that’s just totally awesome! do more designs :D

  23. Anna Korinna Szabó Says:

    Must have… :-)

  24. The Abduction Lamp at What is The Lab? Says:

    [...] er designet af Lasse Klein, som har tegnet den i Maya. Den er desværre ikke sat i produktion endnu. Se mere info på [...]

  25. Cid Says:

    The basic design is absolutly fantastic, but the cord hanging down is a distraction. Have you thought of making it spiral down around the light cone? A very loose spiral. This would hide the cord in plain sight, while adding that dizzy, cork screw, ‘pulling-things-up’ feel to the light. I’d also tilt the spacecraft, just a little. It’ll help break up all the horizontal lines, and give it a more organic ‘floaty’ feel.

    Then I’d buy one ;)

  26. g Says:

    about the cord spiraling down the beam i’d like to cast my vote: NO!!! the dangling cord doesn’t bother me a bit; it’s a lamp. but i have thought that a tilt to the ufo would look more dynamic, though if the ufo is tilted the beam might need to be offset as well.

  27. Rasmus Says:

    Why not making the ligth come from belov throught the glas. This way you hide the wire.

  28. Bill Says:

    Let me show it on my site when you have it ready!

  29. Colter Says:

    i think that this is an extremely orginal idea and i would buy it in a flash. how can i buy one….flash!!!

  30. Mikey Says:

    I would buy two, please let me know how to get them. Fantastic Work.

  31. Carlos Perez Says:

    This is awesome! Add me to your list, er, take me to your leader!

  32. Kimberly Says:

    Please email me when this fun lamp becomes available to buy! My dad will go crazy for it! Nice Job!

  33. adastra Says:

    All your base are belong to us!


    I need one of these. Really.

  34. Misty Says:

    THIS is really great!!
    I bet many are thinking, “why didn’t I think of this”??
    Well, I am glad someone did, congrats!
    I can’t wait for them to be avaiable!
    Question, will the abduction light beam be glass or unbreakable plastic??

  35. Alan Eisenberg Says:

    may i be your distributor in the US? this is better than the wheel!

  36. Jim Says:

    Wa-a-a-a-ant one! Ple-e-e-e-e-ease!
    On a slightly less whiny and irritating note, how much are you planning on selling these for, if and when (and I really hope there’s no if) they go into production? And what about a little plastic stand on which you can place ‘abductable’ items within the cone? Customisable!

  37. Nobuya Says:

    Nice lamp!
    It’s a great gift for someone who is considering of changing their job because of the stresses and strains :D

  38. admin Says:

    Thanks again for the great feedback and many good suggestions!

    To all of you wanting updates: The best thing to do is to use the form (“send me a message”) at, enter your email and check the “receive updates”-checkbox,

    cid & g: Tilting the ufo might be a very good idea. Maybe it should be possible to set the degree of tilting.

    alan: You didn’t leave me your email. Please send me a message at

    jim: I wish I could tell you, but it’s too early to say. I have only had talks with distributors so far.

    I read all messages and I try to answer – but my backlog is growing, so please be patient.


  39. Ben Says:

    Great concept, very creative! Please email me when they go into production

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    [...] them, too. If you want one, let the creator know at He’s also got some info on how he developed the lamp at his [...]

  41. Shane Says:

    Please set up a mailing list so that we know when we can buy them :)

  42. Lorrie Says:

    I know there coming!
    I could keep a light on for them when they do!
    Sort of a welcome LAMP!

  43. Barbara Says:

    FANTASTICA!!!! La voglio assolutamente :)

  44. Deborah Says:

    I want one!! Will keep you bookmarked and keep checking….

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  46. Mats Gustavsson Says:

    I´d suggest using a series of light diodes instead of a regular lamp. That way heat wont be a problem and directing the light into the glassbeam (I suppose its acrylic glass, plexiglass)an easy task.

  47. Toonfisch Blog » Links - 18.06.2007 Says:

    [...] » Blog Archive » The Abduction Lamp [...]

  48. jonnyboy Says:

    i really really really really want one !

  49. margot Says:

    heck, I was signing on to buy one. Love it! Sent me a line when you’re ready to sell.

  50. Pearse Says:

    Can you put some audio loops in that play at random? An Eck! Eck! from Mars Attacks or some signature pieces from 50′s sci-fi films would be great. Eck Eck! Get out that Theremin Lasse.

  51. duluoz Says:

    AY! I want it!

  52. aptronym Says:

    I want this!!!

  53. Des Says:

    I will buy matching sets! I LOVE IT.

  54. Des Says:


  55. maria Says:

    SORRY for my english, I have to say that I have seen this lamp (or a lamp like this) on a film. This film is THE RING of Gore Verbinsky, the lamp is in the nighttable? of the boy. isn´t it?
    Please check it

  56. maria Says:

    BUT I LOVE IT. please i want one of them.

  57. herr klein Says:

    Maria: I’m glad you like the lamp! I have recently been told that there is a highly stylized ufo lamp in the Ring, but it is not the same lamp, and it’s not at all that similar.

  58. maria Says:

    Ok, when i saw that film i thought that i would like to have one, and now my dream is nearer. come on, let´s do them quickly! i´m waiting for.

  59. Fran Says:

    Where to buy it? I´ll like one

  60. Says:

    [...] o momento, toda a diversão não passa de um conceito de Lasse Klein (blog), mas a idéia está [...]

  61. Lorna Says:

    Definately must go into production! But, for all the pre-teens that will have this lamp in their room, might want to make one with a plastic base, instead of glass. Could have a whole additional line of things to be beamed up! Can you imagine the additional revenue? Every day people aren’t buying this is money wasted! ;-)

  62. Lou Says:

    Fantastic – please let me know when they are available I WANT ONE!

  63. Gelax! Says:

    I will buy this! very nice idea!

  64. Gelax! Says:

    send me an email when they are available…

  65. marco recchia Says:

    hi how much of dollars for one lamp-ufo thank u from marco

  66. fritjof Says:

    Splendid design! hope you make it through with production. Pretty complex stuff. Neither the prototype nor the first correction will be good enough for final production, but then! If you can sell me this lamp, in mint style, I would pay up to $300. I can´t speak for anyone else, but there is always a limit to what people would like to pay. Good luck on a great idea and design! Looking forward to see this come through.

  67. Annette Searle Says:

    You absolutely must get these lamps into production – and put me down for one, I’ve reserved a special place in my office for it, next to the Star Trek Barbie & Ken and my communicator!
    Annette Searle, Newcastle Australia

  68. FHM Says:

    Hi I’m from FHM we’re hoping to feature your fantastic lamp design in our next issue. We’d therefore really appreciate it if you could contact us by the email address that we’ve supplied. Thanks, FHM

  69. boondockthepyro Says:

    Dude, this is awesome. I so want one for my room.
    It would go great with my sci-fi/horror theme.
    If this ever goes into full production I would love to know.

  70. alessandro Says:

    Un capolavoro, geniale. La voglio subito!!!

  71. Karley Says:

    Love the lamp. Let me know when I can get one

  72. Jeff Says:

    Can you put stuff in the light beam? Also PLEASE let me know when you can purchase and WHERE!!! Please make it a Realistic and reasonable price. You can sell it to that person for $300 and sell it to me for a Realistic and reasonable price I would think $149-$189.

  73. walter gass Says:

    truly excellent lamp. I would definitely buy one of those.

  74. Nan C Says:

    Tried to contact thru the other site, but couldn’t.

    I LOVE this thing! When you do get ‘em into production, I WANT one! Or two, or… you get the idea.

    I agree about having some tilt to it; but with or without a tilt, I would buy one of those things in a heartbeat. Or more, really.

    What a terrific idea.

    Nan C
    (You might wanna start the patent process going – really. This is too good an idea to lose)

  75. Nan C Says:

    Have you thought about an LED light, maybe?

  76. thebluestbutterfly Says:

    I like the lamp a lot but only with the cow…you can’t tell what the point of the whole scene is otherwise.

  77. Casey Says:

    Please let me know when the Abduction Lamp is available. I need at least two!

  78. Zook Says:

    I’ll take two please…

    Um…are they done yet?


  79. Sean Says:

    Very Kewl Lamp, but what assurances can you give they won’t steal my DNA or probe me in my sleep?

  80. admin Says:

    You’ll have to take your chances, Sean :)

  81. Alessandro Says:

    Very nice! please let me know when the abduction lamp is available. I want one”"”"”!!!!

  82. Donna Says:

    Awesome and hilarious product! Best of luck in getting it into prodcution. Please put me on the email list for info about when it will be available. I vote for a price between $100 & $200 US.

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  85. another UFO COw Says:

  86. Tbarker Says:

    You HAVE to produce this! This is awesome!

  87. Michael Black Says:

    I love this idea! Please put me on a mailing list or something; I’d really like to get one as soon as they’re for sale! Thanks!

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  93. mozkill Says:

    How do you get the cow to start floating inside the lamp? Does it start floating after it heats up or something?

  94. jeff Says:

    When it is in production, I assume boingboing will pick up on it again, whereupon I will promptly buy one. Or two. OR ten!

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  99. omni Says:

    i’m buying this thing when it goes on sale!

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  101. Mike Says:

    Great Idea. I want one!

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  103. Podkill Says:

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  104. Simon Says:

    Reminds me of this Gentoo wallpaper.×600.png

  105. chet Says:

    cool you should produce these. im sure some (cool) chains would sell them.

  106. Deborah Says:

    Heh heh. I am patiently awaiting the availability of this wonderful piece. I must have one. Thank you.

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    Lampe Volante Non Identifiée…

    Ce n’est pas fini : Blog 4 Burma | New Net- Shutdown avec, vers la fin, un long passage en français. L’émissaire de l’ONU de retour en Birmanie pour promouvoir la “réconciliation nationale”.
    Et : vous avez vu, dans la …

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  109. Diane Says:

    Please email me when this is available for sale. I would LOVE to have one! Thanks

  110. Blue Skies » » Alien Abduction Lamp Says:

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  111. John Siller Says:

    Gotta have one! Please let me know when they are available.

  112. Mikey Says:

    Yes, definitely a winner.

    I would buy this. I suggest you print out all these comments & show them to a venture capitalist today!

  113. AreYouKidding Says:

    That is the fuking ugliest thing I have ever seen, all you people commenting that you want one are douche nozzles with no taste.

  114. Michael Says:

    That’s frikkin awesome!!! Still no news on production?

  115. Dean Says:

    I followed a link to this site to buy a couple only to find that they`re not on sale.
    If i were you i`d get these into production as soon as you can because i`m sure you will have a best seller on your hands.
    I`ll keep my eye out for when they`re ready.
    By the way,Well done for the unique idea.

  116. Frank Says:

    Please, Please, Please

    me need.

  117. jan Says:

    Best. Lamp. Ever.
    Let me know if available.

  118. Rohan Says:

    that lamp kicks ass.

    please put me on the mailing list soon as they become available.

    will buy as soon as i can.

  119. John Says:

    I want one, and when I get it, I’ll do everything I can help to promote it at my site. Brian Hughes and I have done cartoons on alien cow abduction, and this certainly fits in with our work.

    Brilliant! Make it so! JOHN :0)

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  121. Jim Beaver Says:

    Great lamp! Please add me to any mailing list!

  122. jens Says:

    den lampe er et MUST i ethvert hjem, lad os vide når den ka købes

  123. Dean Hill Says:

    Gotta, Gotta, gotta have one of those lamps and I never say “gotta have it”

  124. Marty Says:

    Genius. Please. for the fate of the universe, make this lamp!!!

  125. Christopher Humphries Says:

    Amazing! I want one!

  126. greg Says:

    I can’t tell you how depressed I felt when I realized this was not yet in production. this has to be one of the most unique lighting ideas yet. For the love of humanity, please make this lamp. Like the other 125, I need one in my living room!

  127. Greg Says:

    This thing is really cool and it would be cool if you made it. i think it would be awesome to give it to my dad as a present for christmas because he really likes that UFO stuff.

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  130. Peter Says:

    It’s very very beautiful!!!!!
    I hope this lamp successfull!!!!
    But it is possible to have? How much?
    It’s magnific!!!!!!

  131. Darksangel Says:

    Why dont you have changable ground plates ie. grass (you already show), rock, snow, mountains, beach and even one with a crop circle that spans the light beam indent!! etc.all withthe beam indent in of course.
    You should do a ‘car abduction’ add on
    (matchbox size car obviously) and as well as the normal bulb light there should be LED ‘ambient’ light settings for the beam and ufo windows of colours red, lime
    green, bright white, blue and purple(violet). You should also have different human abduction models and poses, aswell as the one you have, classic poses like the ‘Travis Walton’ abduction pose ( as seen on the cover of both the book and dvd film ,’FIRE IN THE SKY’) should be done or just have the travis walton pose as your human abduction model. What really makes your lamp are the aliens in the ufo windows they are great and dont change this, make them removable, but dont change them. One final idea i have is to make the underside of the ufo chrome (silver) this will just finish it off beautifully. Please please PLEASE put this lamp
    into production – its the best lamp ive ever seen………..DO IT!! and put me on your mailing list once its for sale.

  132. Dralisz Says:

    I think this idea is realy great so go and search a lamp factory to make it and deliver in hungary for me 1 hehe.

  133. Paolo Says:

    Great lamp!!!

  134. Steffen Kiesswetter Says:

    Hallo. Diese Lampe wurde in der FHM vorgestellt. Sie ist wirklich sehr gelungen. Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn man dieses schöne Stück auch kaufen könnte. Das wäre echt ein Hingucker für jede Wohnung. Über eine Antwort würde ich mich sehr freuen. Gruß Steffen Kiesswetter, GERMANY :)

  135. Jim Says:

    Riktigt juste lampdesign. Har inte sett den version av lampan nån sa fanns i “The Ring”. Skulle ju vara synd om det inte gick att realisera den för att den redan var gjord. Undrar å andra sidan då om den finns nånstans att köpa redan?

    Också snyggt byggt i Maya. Jag var 100% säker på den var fysiskt verklig innan jag kom till den här sidan! Förklarar dock hur kossan kan hänga i luften vilket konfunderade mig kraftigt tills nyss. :)

    Lycka till med produktionen iallafall. Ser fram emot ett färdigt resultat.

  136. googlie Says:

    Great idea. Check out this site for help in finding manufacturers and buyers! Best of luck.

  137. Michael D Says:

    This would definatly sell. PLease dont let this slip into infinity of lost ideas.

    another Idea: An Airplane?

  138. Gemma Says:

    This is such a cool lamp. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHEN IT BECOMES AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AS I WILL ABSOLUTELY BE BUYING ONE. It is sooooo amazing and I have never seen anything like it.

  139. Joe Putnal Says:

    Just finished filling out your survey. Can’t wait, I will definitely buy one. I agree that it should be high quality, I would like it to be collector quality. I suppose you might be able to find a high quality plastic for the UFO, and still make the beam glass. Metal would have the best effect though. The question of cord or battery is a tough one. Battery is a cleaner look, but it would take several probably, and I would guess that they would get eaten up pretty quickly. Rechargeable batteries perhaps? I guess it depends on whether people intend to use the lamp regularly as a real lamp, or if it is more of a display item. If the former, then you probably need a cord. If the latter, then batteries are OK. I’m honestly not sure how I would use it, probably in my office, and if so I would use it as a real lamp. Well, I’m sure you’re having a great time making it, so whatever you do, I’m sure it will be a fantastic product!

    Joe Putnal

  140. Candy Says:

    I NEED this lamp!

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  142. Loïc Says:

    So good ! I love the cow ! I hope to decorate my home with it !

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  144. Duncan Munday Says:

    What a great idea! I know lots of people who would appreciate one of these in their home!

  145. Alien Abduction Lamp: The Truth is On Your Desk Says:

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  146. Interested Says:

    So.. Any news?
    When can we expect to be able buy one (or preferably more) of them?

  147. Lasse Says:

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have quite simply had very little time on my hands.

    It is still hard to say exactly when the lamp will be available. I expect to see a fully working prototype in a few weeks time, and how soon it will be available after that depends on a number of things, including if there will be need for changes, time for CE, UL and other approvals etc. But I am sure it will be some time this autumn!

    I am also sure that all of you who have left me a valid email address here or at will be the first to hear about it when the product is available.

  148. TheKing Says:

    I want to buy one! Where can I buy it???

  149. TheKing Says:

    I want to buy some of that! Where can I buy it?

  150. Steve Madison Says:

    I am still very much intersted in buying a lamp or two so please let me know when I can preorder it. And I do hope you decided to go with the higher qulity metal construction, even though it will make them slightly more costly. Thanks.

  151. J. Behm Says:

    I’d buy one right now if it was available. Damn. Please drop me a line when it’s in production. If I can get it up to Canada. Brilliant. Thanks

  152. Digital Drops » Blog Archive » Atenção! Vacas e Pessoas Estão Sendo Abduzidas! Says:

    [...] Visite o site da Abduction Lamp ou veja o post no blog do Lasse Klein. [...]

  153. Foundling Says:

    I’d like to buy it. E-mail me please when it is possible.

  154. fred Says:

    i am french very good la lampe à commercialisé , bravo .
    ca c’est un produit qui marcherait du tonnerre .

  155. chelsea1886 Says:

    I’ve just read that this marvellous lamp is going to production.So, when and where can I get one?? I’d really love to have it!! Please drop me a line if you have further information.

  156. Rogerio Says:

    Maravilhoso, excelente trabalho, fiquei com muita vontade de comprar um para sala e outro para o quarto.
    Parabéns ao artista

    Rogerio Europa

  157. Ana Says:

    onde será que vendem isso?!!!!!!!! amei de paixão!!!

  158. Louis Tiffany Says:

    I’m lamp mad, and I love this lamp looks brilliant great work!!! have you produced / got anybody to stock this lamp?

  159. Gorgeous Christmas Gifts for HimFrom Betsy With Love Says:

    [...] & Co  7. Vintage movie poster at Posteritati  8. Lubitel 166+ Camera at Lomography  9. The Abduction Lamp by  10. Tom Ford Cologne For Men by Tom Ford at Amazon  11. Mano Cuff Links by [...]

  160. Marsha Says:

    Please let me know when & if this comes available for purchase!!! I absolutely love it,it’s great! Thanks!

  161. Oliver Christianson Says:

    My wife says she has to have one of these. Please, let me know when they become available.

  162. giuseppe ruffo Says:

    wonderful!!, when is ready to buy, please alert me, i wont buy. thanks.

  163. Wayne Says:

    Dear Lasse, I hope the Abduction Lamp comes to market soon! I have been showing it to anyone and everyone for all these long months. Now, I have heard a couple of those people who are impatient for them saying that they will just go ahead and make their own and maybe even sell them… under an alternate name, of course. If I’m hearing such talk, there are surely others thinking the same thing!

    You wrote last summer, “I am sure it will be some time this autumn!” I hope nothing negative has happened for you that autumn has turned into late winter!

  164. Lasse Says:

    Many thanks to you all for your very kind and encouraging comments!

    Please know that we are working hard these days to finalise the lamp. I have the second prototype standing next to me on my desk as I write this, and I think it looks fantastic. It has a metal UFO body with a finish that I am sure you will all like as much as I do!

    Wayne: I am happy to hear that you and your friends like the lamp so much, and that you are impatient to get it.

    You should warn your friends who plan to steal this intellectual property that the design has been formally registered and patented, and that we will pursue any infringements.

    I am sorry for causing false hopes by saying that it would be available last autumn, but I hope it is good news to you that the prototype is very close to the final thing. Please hang in there a little longer. As you can see from the above, it will not be long now.

  165. john Says:

    Loving The abduction lamp, please tell me when it will be available, thanks

  166. Michael C. Luckman Says:

    Hello: I’m a New York based public relations consultant who loves your alien abduction lamp and would like to help you promote it worldwide. Please click on Google, keywords, Michael Luckman and Alien Rock to see some of the thousands of stories that I’ve generated for the UFO movement. I’m Director of the New York
    Center for Extraterrestrial Research and know many abductees and contactess in the New York metropolitan area. I look foward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Best wishes, Michael C. Luckman, (212) 995-0384, e-mail:
    MCL Commumicatios, 134 West Houston Street, Suite One, New York, N.Y. 10012.

  167. tyson Says:

    How much longer do we have to wait?

  168. Jesea Todahl Says:

    I Just LOVE the lamp, I read ALL the postings, and as I was going to make a comment, I found one simular to what I would also suggest….
    Please think of making different colours onder the ship, different light sources/colours, and one other idea… Put different objects under the light.. People, car, different scenery, mabey it could come with 2 or 3 types to get differeent “vibes” light situations from the adorable alien lamp!!!
    SOOO cute!!!
    I , being a single mom want one REALLY bad, I am hopeing its NOT MORE Than 100 bucks!?!?!PLEASE?!?!?!?
    Lovin it!!! Let me know where I can get one, PLEASE!!!!
    Jesea from Oregon….

  169. Jesea Todahl Says:

    Please think of making different colours under the ship, different light sources/colours, and one other idea… Put different objects under the light.. People, car, different scenery, mabey it could come with 2 or 3 types to get differeent “vibes” light situations from the adorable alien lamp!!!
    SOOO cute!!!
    I , being a single mom want one REALLY bad, I am hopeing its NOT MORE Than 100 bucks!?!?!PLEASE?!?!?!?
    Lovin it!!! Let me know where I can get one, PLEASE!!!!
    Jesea from Oregon….

  170. Mike Says:

    Very cool lamp, a must have for any UFO enthusiast, can’t wait for mine to show up.
    It would make for an awesome gift too, and would be welcomed by anyone that is into the subject.
    Nice job on the website too, very retro 50′s scifi looking, hats off to the web designer(s)!

  171. alien abduction lamp: the aliens have finally landed! | Tamasindo Secret & Technology Says:

    [...] the final version of the lamp isn’t identical to Klein’s original prototype, I still think it’s really cool. The Alien Abduction lamp is available in a an initial [...]

  172. gadgets » Blog Archive » Alien Abduction Lamp beleuchtet den Missbrauch einer Kuh Says:

    [...] und stellt dabei eine typische Alien-Entführungsszene am Beispiel einer Kuh nach. vom Prototypen bis zur Massenfertigung hat es übrigens zwei Jahre gedauert, aber Alien-Fanatiker müssen [...]

  173. claire Says:

    Just LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!! Must have one (altho don’t know where I would put it just now), but hey, will find a way!

  174. Lasse Says:

    Thanks! You can order the lamp at

  175. pili_settembre24 Says:

    Enhorabuena por cumplir tu proyecto, lasse!!! complimenti!! congratulations!!
    Es genial saber que esta simpatiquísima lámpara por fin sale al mercado. besos. pili._:)!

  176. 快乐掘 » Blog Archive » 外星人绑架台灯 Says:

    [...] 是这款台灯名字叫外星人绑架,可不是外星人绑架了一个台灯…… Lasse Klein设计了这款梦幻般的台灯,目前还处于概念设计阶段。 Link [...]

  177. phil velikan Says:

    I got my alien abduction lamp today!
    It is so much more awesome than I deserve. BUT, it has a U.K. plug on it. I can’t plug it in! Is there an adaptor I can use or can I put as U.S. plug on it safely?

  178. Lasse Says:

    You will need a regular travel adapter to convert the currency as well as providing the US plug. I guess you’ll be able to find one at RadioShack or a travel store.

  179. James Says:

    Is there an update to the U.S. approval? I ordered one of the limited 2000, will I still get my limited lamp #51? I tried going through the lamps website but it won’t take messages for me.

  180. Christian Says:

    Hi there! I just recieved my lamp today. How do I turn it on? The switch at the top seems stuck?

    Regards Christian

  181. James Says:

    Hi. I’m still waiting on the lamp. I received an email on April 26, 2010 that the lamp should be ready in 3 weeks. It’s not 5 weeks. Is there an update? Do I still get the limited #51 lamp?

  182. James Says:

    Still waiting for my lamp. The last email from Tiger said it would be shipping in 2 weeks. It’s been 4 weeks. The email before that said it would be ready in 3 weeks. I waited 8 weeks for a follow up email.

  183. Pelle Says:

    Got my lamp today
    cool n nice
    i get a otherspace feeling
    nicest lamp in space
    thanks Lasse Klein

    Regards Pelle